Department of Communication Studies -- Overview
Department of Communication Studies

Department of Journalism

Department of Cinema and Television

Head: Dr. CHEN Ling ( դh)

The Department of Communication Studies has three options:
Organizational Communication, Digital Graphic Communication and Public Relations and Advertising.

The Department of Communication Studies is offering a pioneering
programme in Hong Kong.
It is the first programme to provide students with a broad and well rounded view of the human communication process.

The programme provides both theoretical knowledge and research skills to equip its graduates for the many challenges awaiting them upon graduation.

The programme centres on Greater China and the role of communication in the international setting. Each option within the Department shares a common core of theory and research skills while emphasizing a different specific application of that knowledge.

strong grounding in research design is provided to give students the
necessary tools to solve communication problems.

Organizational Communication Option educates students from
a firm foundation in interpersonal, group, organizational, mass and cultural communication studies. ACS students have the flexibility of entering traditional communication industries or bringing communication expertise to the public service, business or educational sectors.

Digital Graphic Communication Option is structured to teach
the basic design concepts, theories, aesthetics and skills which underlie the new domain of computer graphics and multimedia. It is a unique marriage between creativity and problem-solving aimed at the expression of innovative communication through the use of new technologies. The Option's
emphasis on a conceptual and integrated design communication approach enables students to handle a wide range of communication design problems.

Public Relations and Advertising Option
provides instruction in the concepts, processes and management communication designed to attain or maintain communication excellence in Marketing Communication. Programme emphasis is on Hong Kong and Asia with attention to global applications. PRA students develop the basic skills used in creating, writing and producing persuasive communications in many key communication media.