Computer Labs

The school is equipped with multiple 24-hour Mac and PC computers labs for student use. All computers are equipped with powerful editing and production software that is regularly updated to meet industry standards. Class lectures are often held in the computer labs to enhance digital teaching and learning.


The school is equipped with a professional broadcast news studio, TV studios, photography darkroom and laboratory, digital animation laboratories, sound recording studio, sound booths and editing rooms. The news studio is used in journalism classes to produce radio and television news casts while film students produce for film and TV.


Students are able to book and use school equipment, including Hi8 cameras, DSLR cameras, 16mm film cameras, DVCAM video cameras, HDV video cameras, Steadicams, audio recorders, microphones, mobile phones for shooting video, tripods and other audio-visual equipment.

Conference Room

The multi-purpose CVA conference room can be used for small meetings or expanded for larger lectures and conferences to further the School’s mission of teaching, learning, the advancement of knowledge and community services.

Lecture Theatre

The CVA lecture theatre and multimedia film screening room can hold around 200 students and is used for teaching, lectures, workshops and film screenings.