MA in Communication Studies / Course Structure

Core Courses (6 units)

COMM7010 or Foundations of Communication Study; or 3
COMM7030 Perspectives on Media and Society
COMM7020 Approaches and Methods in Communication Research 3
Elective Courses (21 units)
Remarks: Not all elective courses will be offered in any single academic year, and will be offered based on instructor and facility availability. Course enrolment is limited by quotas.
Students must take at least 15 units of elective courses from their own programme Units
COMM7040 Issues in Intercultural Communication # (CEF: 21Z09675-3) 3
COMM7050 Media and Communication in Chinese Societies 3
COMM7060 Issues in Corporate Communication # (CEF: 21Z09674-5) 3
COMM7130 Globalization of Media & Communication 3
COMM7160 Organizational Communication 3
COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop # (CEF: 28Z03257-6) 3
COMM7180 Media Law & Ethics 3
COMM7190 Issues and Cases in Mass Communication 3
COMM7200 New Media Workshop # (CEF: 28Z03258-4) 3
COMM7210 Project 3
COMM7220 Advertising Management 3
COMM7230 Writing for Multimedia in Public Relations # (CEF: 28Z05989-A) 3
COMM7240 Media Markets 3
COMM7250 Strategic Public Relations and Crisis Management # (CEF: 21Z09673-7) 3
COMM7270 Media Policies & Regulations 3
COMM7280 Communication Technologies & Media Organizations 3
COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3
COMM7310 International Advertising 3
COMM7510 Public Administration & the Media 3
COMM7550 Advertising in China 3
COMM7560 Political Communication & Public Opinion 3
COMM7570 Youth, Media and Consumption 3
COMM7580 Social Media Marketing # (CEF: 21Z09672-9) 3
COMM7610 Social Services Marketing and Communication 3
COMM7620 Social Media and Online Social Networks 3
COMM7630 Qualitative Research Methods 3
COMM7640 Introduction to the Chinese Internet 3
COMM7650 Introduction to Social Science Theories 3
COMM7660 Statistical Analysis in Communication 3
COMM7750 Using Social Networks: For Communications Professional 3
COMM7760 Advertising and Society 3
COMM7770 Data Visualization 3
COMM7780 Big Data Analytics for Media and Communication 3
COMM7790 Communication and Technology 3
COMM7800 New Media Design and Communication 3
COMM7810 Branding 3
COMM7820 Privacy, Data Protection, and Surveillance in the Communication and Media Context 3
COMM7830 Media Communications and Psychology 3
COMM7840 Algorithmic Culture 3
COMM7850 Emerging Technology for Media and Communication 3
COMM7860 Communicating Data 3
COMM7870 Deceptive Communication 3
COMM7880 Advanced Quantitative Communication Research Methods 3
COMM7890 Communication Research Thesis 3

Elective Courses(limited quota offered by other Programmes - whether to offer quota and the number of quota would be decided by the Programmes offering the courses)

Students are only allowed to take a maximum of 6 units in this category

ACCT7770 Corporate Accounting 3
ACCT7780 Corporate Law 3
ACCT7820 * Taxation 3
ACCT7830 Risk, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility 3
BUSD7010 Social Enterprise Management & Social Impact Strategies 3
CTV7220 World Cinema: History and Aesthetics 3
CTV7230 Seminar on Chinese Cinemas 3
CTV7270 Current Issues of Asia Media 3
CTV7290 Critique of Contemporary Arts 3
CTV7370 Cinematography for Directors 3
CTV7380 Dramaturgy and Directing 3
CTV7540 Seminar on Television and New Media 3
JOUR7010 International Relations Theory & Practice 3
JOUR7020 Comparative & International News 3
JOUR7030 Research Methods in Media & Communication 3
JOUR7040 Multimedia Journalism 3
JOUR7070 Theories of Journalism and Communication 3
JOUR7080 Current Issues & Cases Studies in International News 3
JOUR7090 International News Translation 3
JOUR7110 Reporting International Conflict 3
JOUR7120 International Business and Financial Reporting 3
JOUR7140 Globalization, Economics and Finance 3
JOUR7250 Reporting China and Hong Kong 3
JOUR7260 Reporting Southeast Asia 3
JOUR7270 Entrepreneurial Journalism 3
# CEF reimbursable courses
* co-requisites: ACCT7770 & ACCT7780