MA in Producing for Film, Television & New Media / Course Structure

Core Courses Units
AF7410 Financial Management for Film, Television and New Media 3
AF7420 Promotion, Advertising and Distribution for Film, Television and New Media 3
AF7430 Law, and Film, Television and New Media 3
AF7440 Script Analysis for the Producer 3
AF7510 Fundamentals of Media Arts 3
Elective Courses (12 units)
Remarks: Not all elective courses will be offered in any single academic year, and will be offered based on instructor and facility availability. Course enrolment is limited by quotas.
AF7450 Case Studies in Production and the Market 3
AF7460 Graduate Seminar on Film, Television and New Media Business 3
AF7470 Seminar on Non-mainstream Producing 3
AF7480 Film, Television, New Media and Globalization 3
AF7490 Media Management 3
AF7500 Internship (Optional) 3
AF7520 Interactive Media Design 3
AF7530 Principles and Applications of Computer Graphics 3
AF7540 The Art and Practice of Digital Media 3

Elective Courses

Communication School Electives 

CTV7230 Graduate Seminar on Chinese New Waves Cinema 3
CTV7250 Graduate Seminar on Hong Kong Television 3
COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop 3
COMM7200 New Media Workshop 3
COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3
COMM7040 Issues in Intercultural Communication 3
COMM7270 Media Policies & Regulations 3
JOUR7030 Research Methods in Media and Communication 3

Elective Courses

Business School Electives

MKT7080 Managing Marketing 3
FIN7080 Business Finance 3
Note: Not all elective subjects will necessarily be offered in a given year