MA in International Journalism / Course Structure

Core Courses

For International Journalism

JOUR7010 * International Relations Theory & Practice OR 3
JOUR7020 * Comparative & International News 3
JOUR7040 Multimedia Journalism 3
JOUR7060 News and Feature Writing for International Practice 3
JOUR7100 Advanced News Writing and Production for Int’l Practice 3
JOUR7290 Media Law & Ethics for International Journalism 3

For Business and Financial Journalism

JOUR7040 Multimedia Journalism 3
JOUR7150 Business News Writing 3
JOUR7160 Principles of Economics 3
JOUR7170 Business and Finance 3
JOUR7180 Advanced Business News Writing and Production 3
Elective Courses Units
JOUR7010 * International Relations Theory and Practice 3
JOUR7020 * Comparative & International News 3
JOUR7030 Research Methods in Media and Communication 3
JOUR7070 Theories of Journalism and Communication 3
JOUR7080 Current Issues and Case Studies in International News 3
JOUR7090 International News Translation 3
JOUR7110 Reporting International Conflict 3
JOUR7120 International Business and Financial Reporting 3
JOUR7130 Project or Dissertation 3
JOUR7140 Globalisation, Economics and Finance 3
JOUR7210 Longform Journalism 3
JOUR7220 Photojournalism # 3
JOUR7230 Broadcast Journalism # 3
JOUR7240 Online and Digital Journalism # 3
JOUR7250 Reporting China and Hong Kong 3
JOUR7260 Reporting Southeast Asia 3
JOUR7270 Entrepreneurial Journalism 3
JOUR7280 Big Data Analytics for Media and Communication 3
JOUR7300 Approaches & Methods in Communication Research 3
JOUR7310 Advanced Quantitative Communication Research Methods 3
JOUR7320 Communication Research Thesis 3

* International Journalism concentration students are required to take either “JOUR7010 International Relations Theory and Practice” or “JOUR7020 Comparative & International News” as their core course.  The course not chosen as A Core course can be taken as AN Elective.

# Students can only choose from one of these 3 skills courses
Elective Courses  
(Students can at most take ONE elective from courses below)  
Offered By Other Programmes Units
COMM7040 Issues in Intercultural Communication 3
COMM7050 Media and Communication in Chinese Societies 3
COMM7060 Issues in Corporation Communications 3
COMM7160 Organizational Communication 3
COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop 3
COMM7180 Media Law and Ethics 3
COMM7190 Issues and Cases in Mass Communication 3
COMM7200 New Media Workshop 3
COMM7220 Advertising Management 3
COMM7230 Writing for Multimedia in Public Relations 3
COMM7240 Media Markets 3
COMM7250 Strategic Public Relations and Crisis Management 3
COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3
COMM7310 International Advertising 3
COMM7510 Public Administration & the Media 3
COMM7550 Advertising in China 3
COMM7560 Political communication & Public Opinion 3
COMM7630 Qualitative Research Methods 3
COMM7650 Introduction to Social Science Theories 3
COMM7790 Communication and Technology 3
COMM7800 New Media Design & Communication 3
COMM7840 Algorithmic Culture 3
COMM7850 Emerging Technology for Media and Communication 3
COMM7860 Communicating Data 3