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COMM7260 Introduction to Media Management

This is an introductory course to the study of media management in our era of change. The main purpose is to examine and analyze the new challenges being posed by political, economic and technological changes in the new millennium to media management in various Chinese societies. The course will begin with an overview of the media industries in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. It moves on to deal with media operational strategies, media content production and management flow, media marketing management, information management for media organizations and resources management.

COMM7290 Professional Seminar & Application Project

The course has two main objectives:
to discuss cases, issues and problems in media management in sessions participated in by faculty members and industry executives; and the production of an Application Project that describes and analyses a media management case. Students are required to apply what they have learned in the coursework in preparing the Application Project. Preparing the Project enables students to integrate diverse sources of information and develop critical thinking through the process of constructing ideas and through gathering, analyzing and processing massive data.

FIN7250 Corporate Financial Management

This course intends to introduce students with the principles and practices of finance, and corporate financial management. Fundamental concepts and applications of financial management in a dynamic financial market environment will be covered in the course, to develop students’ knowledge of fundamental financial management and their ability in understanding corporate decision in short-term and long-term financing, investing and financial planning. In particular, the function of financial institutions and capital market, the valuation, risks and returns of financial assets, the capital structure and cost of capital, debt services, budgeting and budgetary control and working capital management will be covered in this course. Students should obtain, through this course, a comprehension of the updated development of the theories and practices of corporate financial management.

HRM7600 Global Human Resources Management

Global Human Resources Management (GHRM) has been identified as a crucial factor in a firm’s international success. GHRM is more complex and varied than domestic HRM and incorporates a broader scope, and increased risk exposure as well as a change of emphasis. This course will examine environmental elements and the characteristics of GHRM. It will deal with the practical issues and consequences of the internationalisation of HRM.

MGNT7090 Strategic Management and Business Policy

This course is the study of strategic management. It is designed to integrate concepts from the functional disciplines that constitute a business curriculum. The scope of the course is broad and integrative with special emphasis placed on strategic analysis, formulation and implementation of business strategies at the business and corporate levels. In essence, strategic management is the systematic study of how firms can gain a competitive advantage and achieve consistent superior performance. The perspective taken in the course is that of a general manager – the owner, the CEO, or management consultant. The problems faced by general managers are complex and unstructured and every business decision is made with incomplete information. An attempt is made to replicate this ambiguous situation in a classroom environment to force students to make the best decisions given available information, with special emphasis on the media industry.

MGNT7320 Leadership Theories and Development

This course helps to increase the knowledge of the students on how leadership can be developed and its role in organizational development. The first part of this course includes various leadership theories approaches, models and skill sets. For the organizational development part, students will gain understanding on important determinants, key components, and success factors of an effective organization developmental process.

MKT7070 Global Marketing Strategy

The aim of this course is to give students an understanding of contemporary issues in global marketing and media management, with a special focus on practical problems involved. Issues in the context of the new business environment will be identified and analyzed using global marketing theories.

MKT7100 Management of Marketing Communication and Online Media

The aim of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to analyse and solve marketing communication problems at a strategic level, taking into account both offline and online communication channels, and the impact on the firm as well as society in general.

BUS 7440 Entrepreneurship Development

The scope of this course covers corporate and individual entrepreneurship, in particular, new venture creation. The entrepreneurial process, namely, from idea generation to the formation of a start-up company with successful venture capital funding and management team in place will be examined. A special attention will be paid to the critical elements of entrepreneurial activities including, but not limited to, business plan development, venture team building, business model development, business feasibility, resource allocation, and the valuation of ventures.