13 Mar 2019
Journalism students win award at news reporting competition

International Journalism students and alumna shone at the recent Young Art Journalism Feed + Awards (YAJA).

Year 4 students Holly Chik and Ng Tze-yan, along with 2018 graduate Angela Cheung, won the Best Video Award with their news video, entitled “How Chinese Treats Hungry Ghosts”, which introduced the customs and traditions of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Meanwhile, the news report “Hong Kong Street Artists Struggle To Brighten Up The City” written by Lai Hei-ping (Year 3), Li Suet-wa (Year 4), and exchange student Robert McGain was selected as one of the YAJA Finalists. Another three students, namely Li Bihang (Year 3), Rachel Yeo (Year 3) and Li Yujie (Year 4), were also shortlisted for their news story “The Challenges Facing Indie Musicians In Hong Kong”.