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Guest Lecture: Mr. Stephen Mao of iDesign Group

Guest Lecture: Ms. Wu Hung Yuk

Professionals & scholars met with
M.A. course faculty: Spring 2000

An Advisory Committee meeting
on 15/6/01

The Communication program has very close links with the communication and media industries.

Besides offering guest talks, communication and media professionals
serve on the School's Advisory Committee to advise on the programme;
they participate in the course accreditation and reaccreditation exercises
giving views on how to improve the course from the employers'
perspectives; they offer scholarships and awards to students rewarding
those students who have done well; and they provide internship
places. All this support has helped tremendously with the running of the
Communication program.

In return, faculty actively participate in media criticism and research to
help enhance the quality of the industries.

Advisory Committee
The School's Advisory Committee 2005-06 is comprised of the following members:

Mr. Walter Cheung (Chair)
Assistant General Manager
Head of Corporate Communication
Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
Mr. Raymond Wong
(Honorary Advisor)
Assistant General Manager
Television Broadcasts Ltd.

Mr. Merle Hinrich
Chairman & CEO
Global Sources
Ms. Emily Chen
Managing Director
Prestige Communication Consultancy

Mr. Kenneth Lau
Managing Director
ICON, Interactive Communication Online Networks Ltd.
Ms. Betty J.S. Liu
Head of Promotion & Education Unit
Equal Opportunities Commission

Ms. May Chan
News and Public Affairs Dept.
HK Commercial Broadcasting Ltd

Ms. Nansun Shi
Senior Advisor
Media Asia Group

Mr. Tsui Siu Ming
Executive Director, Programming Services
Hong Kong Cable Television Ltd.

Mr. Lawrence Lau
Film Director

Mr. Victor W.T. Wong
Menfond Electronic Art & Computer Design Co. Ltd.

Mr. Yang Joe-tse, Edgar
Marketing Director
Sales Department
Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Ltd.

Ms. Sally Course
Editoral Consultant
Prestige Communication Consultancy