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University counterparts

Exchange Agreements

The School has maintained a very good relationship with various institutions around the world and in the Mainland.

While we invite scholars to teach and/or do research for short periods of
time ranging from two-three months to a year, our faculty members also go on exchanges to overseas institutions. The universities to which faculty have been attached recently for a semester or a year to teach or conduct research include Harvard University, University of California- Riverside, University of Illinois, Bradley University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Faculty have
widened their perspectives and increased research collaboration opportunities and efforts. Moreover, the School and its departments organize international academic conferences, seminars and forums every year. Faculty of the School are active in presenting papers at international conferences. Being the focus of the attention of the University, the School receives a lot of visitors from overseas universities and institutions every year.

At the student level, international students from different countries take subjects from the School. Some Communication students embark on studying overseas such as in Ohio University, University of Queensland, Simon Fraser University and Universiteit van Amsterdam for a semester or a year. At present, the School has a formal agreement on student exchange with the University of Queensland, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Shanghai Jiao Tung University, Beijing University, National Chengchi University, Beijing Broadcast Institute and National Taiwan University. Possibilities of exchange agreements with some other overseas universities are being explored. Both faculty and students have organized study tours to Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and overseas countries such as Australia and Singapore.

Partner Institutions
Chair of Exchange Committee: Dr. Judith Clarke