The Latest Events
    Dec 2017
8 Academy of Film graduates sweep awards in short film competition
5 Renowned educator and scriptwriter explore at master class how art inspires youth 
    Nov 2017
30 Empowerment through Art: Dare to Open the door to Self-discovery and Become an Inspirations to Others
29 Academy of Film graduate project selected for international film festival competition
22 Renowned cinematographer and actor share their experience at Academy of Film master class
21 Master Class with Christopher Doyle x Joe Odagiri
07 New formats need new skills
2 Seven winning journalists share experience in HKBU-SOPA Award Winner Forum
    Oct 2017
30 HKBU presents 17 awards at Global Chinese Universities Student Film and Television Festival
28 Master Class with Director Anthony Chen: My Journey as a Filmmaker
27 The 14th Global Chinese Universities Student Film and Television Festival
26 SOPA Award Winning Visual Journalism Exhbition
17 Academy of Film graduate short film selected for international film festival
16 Academy of Film graduate wins top award in international documentary film festival
14 MAIJS 10th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Gathering
12 School of Communication joins hands with Tencent to advance New Media
11 IMS 108
Operation and Management of Mobile Media Industry Chain
    Sep 2017
MAIJS alumni Dandan Li won the 2017 Global Health Reporting Contest administrated by ICFJ
25 The first screening of Journalism Movie Club
21 IMS 107
Post-Truth Era vs Solutions Journalism
20 Renowned Mainland film director shares film production experience
14 Academy of Film graduates’ creations selected for screening at China film festival
    Aug 2017
30 Academy of Film presents Final Year Project Awards to outstanding graduates
    May 2017
5 CMCR Seminar
the Future of Advertising Creativity in China: Practitioner and Consumer Perspectives
4 CMCR Seminar
The Impact of Communication Styles on Expertise Recognition in Intercultural Group Collaboration
    Apr 2017
27 CMCR Seminar
Corruption and its (dis)content: the rise and fall of Chinese officialdom television dramas
25 Vanished Archives
5 CMCR Seminar
The IT Sector’s Power in the Realms of Media and Communication
3 CMCR Seminar
How Media Production Can Help Explain the Media’s Failure to Represent Working-Class People Adequately
    Mar 2017
16 端Talk - 2017特首選委論戰】
14 IMS106
How Journalism Can Help Unlock Modern Slavery
8 IMS105
The 2008 Mumbai Attacks – A View From the Street on the Night
1 IMS104
Privatising the Inner City
Alumnus Philip Wei Yiyang was awarded
    Feb 2017
10 Faculty Forum
Film as Soft Power and Hard Currency: The Sino-Hollywood Courtship