The Latest Events
    May 2019
10 Discussion with Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang
9 Faculty Research Colloquium
7 Adventure of a Computer Scientist in Fact-Checking
Speaker: Professor Jun Yang
3 New database features 50 years of HKBU student journalism
    Apr 2019
29 Detecting and Studying Misinformation Campaigns on Social Media
29 Launching Ceremony of the HKBU Journalism Student Publication Archive
26 【傳媒報道】浸大「帶路」交流 哈薩克生當嚮導
24 Journalism students host the Global News Relay
23 Beyond De-Westernisation: Internationalizing “International Communication”
Speaker: Professor Chin Chuan LEE
18 The Power of criticism 評論的力量
Speaker: 劉銳紹, 呂秉權
16 Convergence of Finance and Technology
Speaker: Mr. Anson Suen
15 HKBU congratulates Academy of Film alumni for their achievements at the Hong Kong Film Awards
11 International Media Salon
My days with Chinese Intellectuals Speaker: KATO YOSHIKAZU
3 【教育要聞】浸大夥聯合國婦女署 推大數據促性別平權
1 Master Class The Academy Award Winning Writer/Director – Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
    Mar 2019
27 International Media Salon
From Shanghai to Hong Kong Helen Zia shares stories from her new book, Last Boat out of Shanghai: The Epic Story of the Chinese who Fled Mao's Revolution
Speaker: Helen Zia
26 HKBU scholars receive funding for news literacy education research
20 Screening of “The Joy Luck Club” Sharing from Ms. Lu Yan Lisa 盧燕
19 How to Build Theories: The Example of Deviance and the News Speaker: Prof. Pamela J Shoemaker
18 Gatekeeping in the Age of Social Media
Speaker: Prof. Pamela J Shoemaker
15 Communication student win awards at 60-second Talent Pitch contest
13 Journalism students win award at news reporting competition
12 International Media Salon Inside AFP's Fight Against Fake News
Speaker: Karl Malakunas
    Feb 2019
22 The Power of News Handwritten Treasures of the Historical People in the European and American Journalism Industry
21 Academy of Film alumni and teachers shine bright with multiple nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards
    Jan 2019
30 HKBU to present Distinguished Alumni Award to four alumni
23 International Media Salon Real or Fake: Can You Trust What You See?
Speaker: Jamie Angus
21 Master Class with Director Raman Hui 許誠毅導演大師班
2 Communication students win merit prize at prestigious advertising award