Published: 2021-11-22

Themed pre-conferences are a major highlight of the International Communication Association’s annual conferences. The list of pre-conferences for ICA2022 feature two events (co-)organised by our School:

The 19th Chinese Internet Research Conference: China and the Future of the Internet

23–24 May 2022 in Hong Kong and online

Submissions due by 1 February 2020

The School of Communication and Film at HKBU is hosting this signature event of China internet scholars. The cooperation, competition, confrontation, and convergence of the Chinese model with other models will have a critical role in shaping the future of the internet. This conference will explore ethics, information, crisis management, government-citizen relationship, participation, and lifestyle to data technologies, digital diplomacy, internet laws, information ecologies, cyber governance, and other issues. View the call for submissions.

Communicating Multi-modally: Research and Expressive Culture

26 May 2022, American University of Paris and online

Submissions due by 17 December 2021

Although communication research is usually presented in books and journal articles, more scholars are working in multimodal formats ranging from film and performance to computational art and interactive data visualisation. This pre-conference is a collaboration between our School and counterparts at Western University, Canada; the University of Pennsylvania; and the University of Colorado, Boulder. View the call for submissions.