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Starting out as the oldest communication programme in Hong Kong, we are now one of the region’s largest and most comprehensive communication schools. Faculty are actively engaged in collaborations with peers in other countries and continents. They are committed to making an impact beyond the academe, and work closely with industry, the professional community, civic groups, government, and international organisations. While deeply rooted in Hong Kong’s media and cultural scene, we have strong and growing connections with universities in Mainland China, as well as with peers around the world.

Featured Faculty Profiles

Journalism Scholar Wins Prestigious Fellowship Award

Journalism scholar Celine Song has received the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship (HSSPFS) for her project studying news coverage about climate change in  China,…

Journey from a Newsroom to a Classroom

Born and brought up in China, Rose Luwei Luqiu nurtured a desire to become a journalist from the age of 10. After studying philosophy and…

Hong Kong media outlets in the eye of COVID-19 storm

Even as the on-going pandemic heightens the need for reliable news and information, Hong Kong media’s capacity to serve that demand has been severely hit, according to a new study by Dr. Janet Lo.

Dr Janet Lo - Department of Journalism

Cultural identities and political idealism in Chinese cinema

From studying comparative literature at the University of Washington and earning a doctorate in East Asian languages and civilisation at Harvard, to venturing into cinema and literary studies early in his academic career, Dr Kenny Ng Kwok Kwan’s journey in the academe has led ...

Dr Kenny Ng - Academy of Film

Studying the emerging giants in global communication

Analysing the impact of emerging giants China and India on the geopolitics of global communication is the ambitious task that Professor Daya Thussu has decided to set himself. He is working on a monograph, The Changing Geopolitics of Global Communication, which will draw on two ...

Professor Daya Thussu - Department of Journalism

Research Projects

School behind two ICA 2022 pre-conferences

Themed pre-conferences are a major highlight of the International Communication Association’s annual conferences. The list of pre-conferences for ICA2022 feature two events (co-)organised by our…

Asia-Pacific Journalism Review connects media scholars and professionals at time of industry upheaval

The new Asia-Pacific Journalism Review (APJR) has released its inaugural issue amidst a climate of uncertainty over whether the news industry can meet the pressing need…

Global Storytelling journal publishes its first issue

The inaugural issue of Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images has been released, covering themes ranging from social movements in Hong Kong, and…

Researchers join the effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy in Hong Kong

The COVID-19 vaccination drive in Hong Kong began in February 2021. However, despite the government providing vaccination for its residents for free, till 13 July…

Gender, sexuality and the media: researchers expanding the boundaries of knowledge and critique

In line with the growing global interest in questions of gender and sexual justice, several faculty members and doctoral students in the School of Communication…

November conference at HKBU will examine the legacy of Cold War narratives

In an age of intensifying rivalry between the United States and China, an interdisciplinary conference at Hong Kong Baptist University will look critically at “Cold…

Probing ‘Fake News’ in Greater China

The project will explicate the emic and etic definitions of fake news within the current media landscape and explore news credibility in relation to the various aspects of news production, consumption and perception.

New journal explores the affect and social impact of the moving images

Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Image, housed at the Academy of Film and published by the University of Michigan Press, will serve as an international and interdisciplinary forum for intellectual debates concerning the politics, economics, culture, media and technology of the moving image.

Promoting health through evidence-based persuasive message strategies

Making decisions related to health – physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – can be a matter of life and death. This is why governments invest billions of dollars annually into health education. But health promotional campaigns do not always achieve their desired objectives. Associate Professor Timothy Fung ...

Research Impact and Knowledge Transfer

Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy

Several of the School’s researchers are contributing to the university-wide “Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy in Hong Kong”, which aims to provide authorities with timely incremental research…

International symposium held in the midst of a global pandemic grapples with ‘infodemics’

The importance of credible health information has been underlined by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, the Centre for Media and Communication Research convened…

Forum: Ways to combat coronavirus misinformation

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm and generated a tremendous impact on people’s lives. In crises like this, people seek information to assess the situation and to protect themselves and their loved ones. However, concerns exist about the credibility and neutrality of ...

Webinar: Breaking news, how journalists report on the global pandemic

As COVID-19 reaches every corner of the globe, it is still hard to grasp the scale and scope of its worldwide impact. Virtually no aspect of our lives has been left unaffected. Journalists around the world are reporting on the pandemic from many different angles, ...

Webinar: How Chinese language journalists dig and tell COVID-19 stories

As COVID-19 reaches every corner of the globe, it is still hard to grasp the scale and scope of its worldwide impact. Virtually no aspect of our lives has been left unaffected. Journalists around the world are reporting on the pandemic from many different angles, ...

Materialism among children and youth

What factors may make children and adolescents adopt materialistic values? In the past 15 years, Professor Kara Chan (Department of Communication Studies) and her team conducted 14 studies on the ...

Persuasive health communication research increased Hong Kong’s organ donation registrants

Dr. Timothy Fung’s research changed health promotional practice and increased Hong Kong’s organ donation registrants. His research on persuasive health communication guided the message design of an animated video, entitled Say Your Wish, Save a Life, for organ donation promotion. In 2016, the government ...

Faculty-led Journals

Asia-Pacific Journalism Review

Editor: Raymond Li

Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images

Editor-in-chief: Zhu Ying

Young Consumers

Editor-in-chief: Kara Chan

Global Media and Communication

Managing editor: Daya Thussu

Communication and Society 《傳播與社會學刊》

Co-published with the Chinese University of Hong Kong