Research Areas

We have a critical mass of researchers in health communication, data and algorithmic journalism, and Sinophone cinema studies, plus strengths in several other niches. Our three academic units include researchers working within social science paradigms as well as the arts and humanities, applying methods ranging from computational network analysis and large-scale surveys to textual analysis and cultural and political critique. Our scholars’ research metrics place the School among the top 10 in Asia and top 100 in the world for Communication and Media Studies, according to the QS World University Rankings 2020.

Academy of Film

Gender and Media

Our faculty's research proposes theoretical intervention on the significant and evolving relationship between gender and media. Studies encompasses the history, politics, and relevant issues of gender and sexuality in the global and Asian media contexts, and feminist critique to new media.

Faculty: Eva Man, Jason Coe, Timmy Chen

Hong Kong Cinema, Mediascape, and Culture

Our research explores new terrains of Hong Kong cinema and media culture in their intermedia, transnational, transpacific and sociohistorical connections to cover studies of screen adaptation, cultural policy and geography, social activism, critical theory and aesthetics of commercial, independent and documentary films and new media in the post-colonial city and the related histories and developments, encouraging synergies between theory and practice among academia and working professionals.

Faculty: Eva Man, Kenny Ng, Dorothy Lau, Timmy Chen, Derek Chiu

Storytelling, Stardom, and Performance

Our faculty are working on cutting-edge studies of the intersection of body representation, storytelling, narratives and forms, politics, performance, stardom and global screen cultures. The research responds to the emergent debates pertinent to screen and media bodies, visuality, and technology.

Faculty: Eva Man, Dorothy Lau, Zhu Ying, Timmy Chen, Derek Chiu

Transnational Cinema and Digital Media

Our research cuts across national and regional boundaries in film and digital media studies, and explores global and interregional cinematic circuits in East Asian Cinema, Transpacific Cinema including Asia-Hollywood co-productions, Sinophone Cinema in Southeast Asian connections, and transnational Chinese cinema and digital media practices.

Faculty: Kenny Ng, Dorothy Lau, Zhu Ying, Lee Daw-ming, Timmy Chen, Man Shu-sum, Michael Robinson, Jason Coe, Mateja Kovacic

Communication Studies

Branding Communication

Celebrity endorsement and KOL influences, customer-brand relationship on social media, gamification and brand management, advertising and branding creativity, young consumers and media.

Faculty: Kara Chan, Kineta Hung, Angela Mak, Terri Chan, Regina Chen, Vinienne Leung, Kimmy Cheng

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR in emerging markets, CSR via social media, employee engagement and volunteering, influencer marketing in CSR, creating shared value, competitive advantage, and social impact, IT attributes and CSR communication.

Faculty: Terri Chan, Regina Chen, Kineta Hung, Vincent Huang, Jos Bartels

Health and Risk Communication

Health message design and campaign, health information seeking, use and effects of mobile health technology, social support, workplace health and safety, health campaign using social media, health communication theory construction.

Faculty: Dominic Yeo, Leanne Chang, Timothy Fung, Jolie Shi, Vivian Sheer, Kara Chan, Vivienne Leung, Lennon Tsang, Ng Yu-leung

Organizational Leadership Communication

Personal leadership on social media, organization-stakeholder dialogue and outcomes, leader-member exchange at workplace, leadership framing, organizational change and leadership, communication constitution of organization, and organizational leadership theory construction and application.

Faculty: Angela Mak, Dominic Yeo, Regina Chen, Vivian Sheer, Vincent Huang

Technology-Mediated Communication

Mediated workplace relationship communication, social capital via social media, dynamics and consequences of online vacation networks, social media communication, inter-organizational relationships and communication network, media affordances.

Faculty: Angela Mak, Eva Zhao, Dominic Yeo, Regina Chen, Vincent Huang, Vivian Sheer

Department of Journalism

AI and Digital Media

A prominent area of faculty expertise is in big data, artificial intelligence and computational communication where algorithmic methods are used to generate patterns and draw inferences from complex datasets.

Faculty: Fu Xiaoyi, Jenny Lam, Paolo Mengoni, Ng Yu-leung, Celine Song, Vincent Wang, Zhang Xinzhi, Nick Zhang, Huang Yu

Data and Journalism Practice

We systematically investigate the changing relationships among journalists, sources and audiences in the digital era in response to new challenges in journalism education.

Faculty: Bonnie Chiu, Robin Ewing, Jenny Lam, Alison Leung, Raymond Li, Lo Ven-hwei, Janet Lo, Bruce Lui, Rose Luqiu, Ng Yu-leung, Celine Song, Stephanie Tsang, Nick Zhang

Ethics and Media Literacy

We conduct research on the philosophical bases and daily practices of media ethics with a view to bridging the gap between journalism scholars and practitioners by stimulating dialogues between them.

Faculty: Cheung Siu-wai, Bonnie Chiu, Cherian George, CK Lau, Alice Lee, Alison Leung, Raymond Li, Rose Luqiu, Steve Guo

Global Communication and Power

Our study on media globalization focuses on the political and cultural underpinnings of media systems, the flow of information across geographical and social divides, and the power of technology in the process.

Faculty: Cheung Siu-wai, Cherian George, Steve Guo, Lo Ven-hwei, Rose Luqiu, Celine Song, Daya Thussu, Zhang Xinzhi, Zhu Ying, Kenny Ng, Huang Yu

Politics and Mass Communication

We are devoted to theory-driven empirical studies at the intersection of macro- and micro-level perspectives to tackle issues concerned with the role of the news media in constructing socio-political reality and shaping public opinions.

Faculty: Cheung Siu-wai, Cherian George, Steve Guo, Alice Lee, Raymond Li, Lo Ven-hwei, Janet Lo, Bruce Lui, Rose Luqiu, Celine Song, Daya Thussu, Stephanie Tsang, Zhang Xinzhi, Nick Zhang, Huang Yu