The School of Communication is home to around 35 research faculty and 40 PhD students. Media Studies research is also conducted by colleagues at the Academy of Film of the School of Creative Arts. This website introduces you to our wide-ranging research activities in this vibrant area of study. Thank you for visiting.


New research network to help boost Chinese journalism research

Founders of the Chinese Journalism Research Network: Luwei Rose Luqiu (HKBU), Haiyan Wang (U of ...

A welcome phenomenon or a technological concern? How Hong Kong ...

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually getting incorporated in a myriad of professional fields and ...

The changing scope of Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond the legal and economic responsibilities of doing business and generating revenue, major multinational corporations ...

Interactive Media Scholar joins WHO Social Media Research Project

Jingyuan Jolie Shi of the School of Communication has been appointed to a World Health ...

Artificial Humans Summit highlights emerging AI trends and key research ...

Emerging technologies like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and generative AI are already ...

HKBU poised to achieve ‘world-class status’ in media and communication ...

Hong Kong’s comprehensive Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) has affirmed the HKBU School of Communication’...


A new journal, Computers in Human Behaviour: Artificial Humans, was launched at an event hosted by the School of Communication.
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Research Areas

Faculty in the School of Communication and the School of Creative Arts are engaged in these areas of research:

Branding Communication

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation

Health and Risk Communication

Leadership and Organizational Communication

Technology-Mediated Communication

AI and Digital Media

Data and Journalism Practice

Ethics and Media Literacy

Global Communication and Power

Politics and Mediated Communication

Storytelling, Stardom, and Performance

Hong Kong Cinema, Mediascape, and Culture

Gender and Media

Transnational Digital and Interactive Media