HKBU to host Chinese Internet Research Conference

Although the world’s largest internet market by several measures, China’s online universe remains ...

School behind two ICA 2022 pre-conferences

Themed pre-conferences are a major highlight of the International Communication Association’s annual conferences. The ...

Journalism Scholar Wins Prestigious Fellowship Award

Journalism scholar Celine Song has received the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship (HSSPFS) for ...

Asia-Pacific Journalism Review connects media scholars and professionals at time ...

The new Asia-Pacific Journalism Review (APJR) has released its inaugural issue amidst a climate of ...

Global Storytelling journal publishes its first issue

The inaugural issue of Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images has been released, ...

Researchers join the effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy in Hong ...

The COVID-19 vaccination drive in Hong Kong began in February 2021. However, despite the government providing ...

Research Areas

Our faculty and post-graduate students have expertise and interests in several research areas.

Branding Communication

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

Health and Risk Communication

Organizational Leadership Communication

Technology-Mediated Communication

AI and Digital Media

Data and Journalism Practice

Ethics and Media Literacy

Global Communication and Power

Politics and Mass Communication

Gender and Media

Hong Kong Cinema, Mediascape, and Culture

Storytelling, Stardom, and Performance

Transnational Cinema and Digital Media