Research Areas

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation

Researching corporate social responsibility (CSR) in emerging markets, CSR via social media, employee engagement and volunteering, influencer marketing in CSR, creating shared value, competitive advantage, and social impact, IT attributes and CSR communication, CO media presence and corporate reputation, and crisis communication and corporate reputation.



Jos Bartels
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Regina Chen
Associate Professor & Associate Head of Department of Communication Studies

Kineta Hung
Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Vincent Huang
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Interactive Media

Angela Mak
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Keonyoung Park
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies


Recent Publications

Chen, Y. R. R., Hung-Baesecke, C. J. F., & Cheng, Y. (2023). When non-CSR-themed social media influencers endorse corporate CSR initiatives: Effects of publics’ perceived influencer characteristics and leadership. Public Relations Review, 49(1), 102288.

Mak, A. K., Chaidaroon, S. S., Poroli, A., & Pang, A. (2023). Capturing the dynamic tension in CSR discourses: Toward an integrative circuit of culture model. Public Relations Review, 49(2), 102308.

Park, K., & Jiang, H. (2023). Signaling, verification, and identification: The way corporate social advocacy generates brand loyalty on social media. International Journal of Business Communication, 60(2), 439-463.

Park, K. (2021). The Mediating Role of Skepticism: The Way Corporate Social Advocacy Builds Quality Relationships with Publics. Journal of Marketing Communications. In Press

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Cheng, Y., Jin, Y., Hung-Baesecke, C. J. F., & Chen, Y. R. 2019. Mobile Corporate Social Responsibility (mCSR): Examining Publics’ Responses to CSR-based Initiatives in Natural Disasters. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 13, 76-93.

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