Research Areas

Gender and Media

Our faculty’s research proposes theoretical intervention on the significant and evolving relationship between gender and media. Studies encompasses the history, politics, and relevant issues of gender and sexuality in the global and Asian media contexts, and feminist critique to new media.



Jason G. Coe
Assistant Professor, Academy of Film (School of Creative Arts)

Timmy Chen
Research Assistant Professor, Academy of Film (School of Creative Arts)


Recent Publications

Man Kit Wah, Eva. 2020. Cross-Cultural Reflections on Chinese Aesthetics, Gender, Embodiment and Learning. Singapore: Springer.

Man Kit Wah, Eva. 2017. Female Bodies in China: Literati Fantasies, Iron Girls and Olympics Hoopla, Artistic Visions and the Promise of Beauty: Cross Cultural Perspectives. K M Higgins, S. Maira & S. Sikka (ed.) Switzerland: Springer, 103-124.

Man Kit Wah, Eva. 2016. Bodies in China: Philosophy, Aesthetics, Gender and Politics, NYC: State University of New York Press (SUNY) and Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.

Coe, Jason G. 2020. “The Spy Who Ought to Love Me: Se, jie and the Melodrama of Shame Nationalism.” JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, 59(4), 8-31. Project MUSE.

Coe, Jason G. 2019. “Serial authentication: Gamifying Hong Kong action cinema in Sleeping Dogs.” Journal of Chinese Cinemas, 13:1, 26-41.