Research Areas

Global Communication and Power

Our study on media globalization focuses on the political and cultural underpinnings of media systems, the flow of information across geographical and social divides, and the power of technology in the process.



Cherian George
Professor, Department of Journalism & Associate Dean (Research and Development) of School of Communication

Steve Guo
Professor, Department of Journalism & Chair of Research Postgraduate Studies Committee of School of Communication

Lo Ven-hwei
Visiting Scholar, Department of Journalism

Rose Luqiu
Associate Professor & Associate Head of Department of Journalism

Kenny Ng
Associate Professor, Academy of Film (School of Creative Arts)

Kenneth Paul Tan
Professor, Department of Journalism

Daya Thussu
Professor, Department of Journalism

Celine Song
Professor, Department of Journalism & Director of AI and Media Research Lab of School of Communication

Zhang Xinzhi
Assistant Professor, Department of Interactive Media

Zhu Ying
Professor & Director of Centre for Film and Moving Image Research, Academy of Film (School of Creative Arts)

Zou Sheng
Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism


Recent Publications

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