Research Areas

Health and Risk Communication

Faculty publish works on health message design and campaign, health information seeking, use and effects of mobile health technology, social support, social norm and smoking, workplace health and safety, health campaign using social media, health communication theory construction, and active ageing.



Kara Chan
Professor, Department of Communication Studies & Associate Dean of School of Communication

Leanne Chang
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Feng GuangChao
Associate Professor, Department of Interactive Media

Timothy Fung
Associate Professor, Department of Interactive Media

Ng Yu-leung
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Interactive Media

Vivian Sheer
Professor & Head of Department of Communication Studies

Jolie Shi
Assistant Professor, Department of Interactive Media

Elina Tachkova
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Tian Xi
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Dominic Yeo
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Zhong Bu
Professor & Head of Department of Interactive Media


Recent Publications

Ng, Y.L., Chan, K., Balwicki, L., Huxley, P., and Chiu, M.Y.L. 2019. The Digital Divide, Social Inclusion, and Health Among Persons with Mental Illness in Poland, International Journal of Communication, 13, 1652-1672.

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