Research Areas

Organizational Leadership Communication

Personal leadership on social media, organization-stakeholder dialogue and outcomes, leader-member exchange at workplace, leadership framing, organizational change and leadership, communication constitution of organization, and organizational leadership theory construction and application.


Angela Mak
Associate Professor

Dominic Yeo
Associate Professor

Regina Chen
Associate Professor & Associate Head of Department of Communication Studies

Vivian Sheer
Professor & Head of Department of Communication Studies

Vincent Huang

Recent Publications

Chen, Y. R. Hung-Baesecke, C. J. F.,, & Chen, X. H. 2020. Moving Forward the Dialogic Theory of Public Relations: Concepts, Methods and Applications of Organization-Public Dialogue. Public Relations Review.

Huang, L. V. & Yeo, T. E. D. 2018. Tweeting #leaders: Social Media Communication and Retweetability of Fortune 1000 Chief Executive Officers on Twitter. Internet Research, 28 (1), 123-142.

Sheer, V. C., Liu, S, & Huang, L. 2018. Ethical Leadership: From Western Foundation to Chinese Context. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 28 (1), 20-40.

Bowen, S., Hung-Baesecke, C. J. F., & Chen, Y. R. 2016. Ethics as a Precursor to Organization-Public Relationships: Building Trust Before and During the OPR Model. Cogent Social Sciences, 2(1), 1141467. Available at

Chen, Y. R., & Fu, J. 2016. How to be Heard on Microblogs? Nonprofit Organizationā€˜s Follower Networks and Post Features for Information Diffusion in China. Information, Communication & Society, 19(7), 978-993. Doi:10.1080/1369118X.2015.1086013

Yeo, T. E. D. 2016. Communicating Legitimacy: How Journalists Negotiate the Emergence of User-Generated Content in Hong Kong. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 93(3), 609-626.